Maintain that New Car look for years to come.
Want to keep that pristine finish to your Audi? Appearance Protection is your best choice for keeping that great looking finish to your new, Certified Pre-Owned or used Audi for up to 250,000 kilometres. With Appearance Protection you can ensure your vehicle looks great and maintains its best value for years to come. With coverage throughout Canada and the continental U.S. you are now in even better shape from life’s uncertainty.

Imagine the many reasons for Appearance Protection. Life’s uncertainty can come in many forms including door dings in a parking lot, rock chip to the windshield from a passing vehicle, pothole(s) from a construction site, spilt coffee, bent wheel from impact of a fallen tree limb, or a tire puncture from a nail.

Keep your vehicle in great shape and value with Appearance Protection backed by Audi Canada.

Levels of coverage

Select the coverage plan that best suits your needs:
Interior Protection

Damage of rips, tears to interior fabric, vinyl, or leather repaired. Coverage against spills such as coffee, milk and soft drinks. Juice spills and cigarette burns are not covered.

Paintless Dent Removal

Covers small dents on exterior vertical body panels without harming the original finish.

Paint Repair

Repair of damage to the paint on exterior surfaces, including painted bumpers. Coverage limited to $2,000 in aggregate, inclusive of taxes, for the term of the contract. Coverage does not include damage from collisions.

Key & Keyless Remote Replacement

Replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged keys or keyless remotes. Includes cost of key recoding and remote re-programming.

Car Rental Benefit

Every approved claim is eligible for a rental vehicle benefit up to $50 (inclusive of taxes) for each repair visit.

Front Windshield Protection

Front windshield repair or replacement for damage caused by road hazards. A maximum of one windshield replacement shall be covered during the term of the contract, up to a maximum of $500.

Head/Tail Light Protection

Head and tail light repair or replacement. Coverage does not include damage from collisions or vandalism.

Curb Scuff Repair

Coverage for wheel damage caused by curb scuffing during routine parking maneuvers. Coverage limited to twice per contract term, up to $400 per event.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Coverage includes Towing, Winching, Battery Boost, Fuel Delivery, Tire Change, and Lockout Service. Maximum of $100 inclusive of taxes, per occurrence.